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April 2017 Maui Real Estate Statistics

Brief Maui Statistics Overview:

Page 4 – April’s Sales Unit Volume – Residential sales reflect the High Season’s closings with 97 homes sold while Condominium sales decreased to 116 units sold. Land sales increased to 18 lots sold in April.

Page 5 – April’s Median SALES prices – The Residential median price decreased to a more normal $671,000 after March’s high of $756,000 (highest since Sept. 2006). The Condo median price rebounded to $490,563. Land median price remained steady $404,750.

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Residential Sales Reports for March 2017 & Q1 from Title Guaranty

The March and 1st Quarter Stats are in. Reports courtesy of Title Guaranty.

Median Sales Price of a Single Family Home is up 26.1% over last year to $770,000!

As you will see below, South Maui lead the way with over $94 MIL in Sales in March and $249 Million for the quarter.  Followed by West Maui with $51 MIL in Sales in March and $94 Million for the quarter.


Detached Residential Home Listing Average Price tops $2,000,000

How high is too high?

Ah! The median and the average. Would you believe that I just checked the Maui MLS and the average detached residential single family home asking price on November 25, 2015 was over two million dollars? Don’t get too excited. According to property valuation Brisbane experts, the median sold price for October 2015 was only $585,000. The average sold price was $757,000. And the median list price on November 25, 2015 was only $1,095,000. So apparently there are still a lot of dreamers out there hoping to get more than they will probably get if they really want to sell. The message is that list price doesn’t equal the final sold price. But still, $2,000,000 is a big number.

More of the big numbers. There are 27 homes on Maui that are selling for more than 5 million dollars. There are 59 homes over 3 million dollars. 98 want more than 2 million. And 199 want more than 1 million. That’s out of 386 Listings.

Fee simple condos are similar. Maui has 695 condo listings for this date. The average list price is $939,000. The average sold price in October was $619,000. The median sold price in October was $393,000. I can remember about ten years ago when the average list price went over $1,000,000 for the first time and everyone got excited. We aren’t even back to that number, but surely will be by the end of the tourist season in April. There are 14 Maui condos available for over 4 million dollars and 181 priced over 1 million dollars.

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Maui News article: Home sales hot in Maui County

July results are best since the Great Recession

August 12, 2015
By LEE IMADA – Managing Editor ( , The Maui News

The 128 single-family home sales in Maui County in July was the highest monthly total since the 131 sales in March of 2007 in the days before the Great Recession, Realtors Association of Maui data show.

There were 28 more home sales in July than the same month in 2014 and 27 more sales than in June, the report released Friday said.

Central Maui, the perennial top selling district, logged 51 sales in July, 20 more than in 2014. Median prices also grew 16.8 percent in July over 2014 to $525,000. (The median house price is the midway price of all the houses/units sold.) The next highest selling districts with 15 sales each were Kihei with ($525,000 median price) and Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio ($630,000 median price).

In the luxury areas, there were five sales in Wailea/Makena in July with a median price of $3.8 million; two sales in Kaanapali, both for $3 million; and one sale in Kapalua for nearly $2 million.

The median price for a home in July rose 3.5 percent to $590,000 year over year. Month over month, however, the price actually fell 9 percent. Median prices for homes have fluctuated in 2015, ranging from $558,625 in February to $650,000 in June.

Condo sales volume for July rose 13.3 percent to 94 sales. The median price was $394,000, an increase of 5 percent from July 2014.

Kihei again dominated the sales market with 38 condos sold in July, up 58 percent from 2014. The district’s median price was $333,000, up 12.9 percent from July 2014.

Napili/Kahana/Honokowai followed with 23 units sold in July, more than double the units sold last July (11 units) and nearly double the units sold in June (12 units). The median price in July was $411,000, which was 6.5 percent lower than a year earlier, but 46 percent higher than the previous month.

Central Maui logged 11 condo units sold in July with a median price of $313,000, which was 51 percent higher than 2014.

For the first seven months of the year, 624 homes were sold, 66 more than the same period last year, with median prices up 5 percent to $599,500.

Condo sales declined 32 units to 708 units sold in the January-to-July period, compared to 2014. Median prices were about the same, off 1 percent, to $414,450.

The current absorption rate (active/pending-continue to show/contingent status inventory divided by July sales) is five months for homes, 9.9 months for condos and 27.8 months for land.

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May 2015 Maui Real Estate Statistics

The May 2015 Maui Real Estate Statistics are out and we are seeing a big median price increase for homes and condos. The median home price for May is $607,098 (prior month was $575,000). It was $537,500 in the June a year earlier. The median condo price is $469,000 (prior month was $407,500). It was $472,000 in June a year earlier.

After 5 months of having more than 1000 condos for sale or pending continue to show, the condo inventory has dropped to below 1000 units (there were 987 units active or pending-continue to show as of June 4, 2015). Similarly, after 4 months of more than 700 homes active or pending-continue to show, the single family home inventory has dipped to 697 homes.

There were 88 homes sold in May 2015 and 109 condos sold.

Year-to-date for the first 5 months, median home prices are up 3% compared to same period a year earlier.

Spotlight on Pukalani. Year-to-date sales volume is up 50% there. First 5 months of 2014 there were only 16 homes sold in Pukalani, but this year through May, 24 homes have sold. The median Pukalani YTD home price is $554,500. 10 of the homes sold were sold in May alone this year! The median May price sold in Pukalani was $586,500, which is up compared to May a year ago and also compared to April this year.

Kihei home prices are really high for May 2015. The May median is $695,000, compared to $512,500 in April this year.

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March 2015 Maui Real Estate Statistics

The March 2015 Maui Real Estate Statistics from the Realtors Association of Maui showed a big increased in the median price of a home, to $627,500. This is up when compared to both the same month last year, and also 1 month prior. Additionally, the number of homes sold was also up. In March, 84 homes sold, compared to 70 in the same month a year earlier. Central Maui (March median price $465,918) and Kihei (March median price $591,500) districts had the most sales.

The median condo price was $442,500. There were 122 condos sold in March 2015, similar to the 127 sold in March a year earlier.

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February 2015 Maui Real Estate Statistics

The February 2015 Maui Real Estate statistics from the Realtors Association of Maui showed the median Maui home price was $558,625 for the month. This # is very similar to the same month a year earlier ($560,000) and also the 1 month ago median ($577,000).

The February condo price has lunged forward, on the other hand, to a hefty $475,000 median. This is up sharply from $345,000 in February a year earlier, and also up from January this year ($378,000). Volume was also up a lot, even though it’s a short month, with 93 units sold in February compared to 83 a month earlier.

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January 2015 Maui Real Estate Statistics

The January 2015 Statistics from the Realtors Association of Maui show that inventory of homes and condos is up compared to all the months in 2014. As of the February 8 report, there were 715 active or pending-continue-to-show homes for sale, where as in the prior 12 months, the number never surpassed 700. Similarly, for condos, there were 1,049 units active or pending-continue-to-show as of Feb 8, 2015, and in the prior 12 months, that # was in the 800s or 900s.

There were more homes sold in January (75) when compared to a month earlier (63) and also the same month a year earlier( (65).

The median Maui home price in January 2015 was $577,000, which was just $12,000 more than December 2014, but a bit under the $695,000 of January a year earlier.