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100% Loan – USDA in Maui, Hawaii

Edited on 6/3/13: Note – As of May 30, 2013, all of Wailuku has now been included in the USDA loan – eligible area!

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It’s worth knowing that there is a 100% financing option available for those that qualify. The USDA Rural Development Section 502 loans are available for single family homes in most parts of the island. Only Kahului and most parts of Wailuku are excluded (Waihe’e and some parts of Oceanview Estates in Waiehu are USDA eligible). At this time, Kihei is still included, however, there are rumors that Kihei may be going away. October 2013 is the next expected announcement/revamp to the program from USDA.

Besides geographic criteria, there are also income eligibility requirements. “Applicants for loans may have an income of up to 115% of the median income for the area to be able to start with Investors Choice Lending or other reputable lending companies,” according to the USDA website, for the USDA Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan program. As of this writing, the Maui County adjusted gross income limit is $108,300 for a family of 1-4 for this loan program  Not only is there no required down payment, additionally, the interest rate is often lower than conventional rates.

You can use this link to enter a property’s address to see if it is located in an USDA eligible area.

If you are interested in finding out more about USDA loans or any other loans like a direct loan from GAD Capital, contact me and I can recommend a good lender to assist with your qualification. Here’s more information at their website.

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Grandpa and granddaughter at Maui real estate company

Realtor Tom Delmore & Granddaughter Madison busy working on real estate in matching orange outfits

Realtor Tom Delmore & Granddaughter Madison busy working on real estate in matching orange outfits

If you stop in to Delmore Realty’s office in Wailuku, you will get to say hi not only to Principal Broker Thomas Delmore, but also his granddaughter, Maddy. She is my 13 month old daughter, and the very epitome of an exercise in unfulfilled potential. She regularly greets our office visitors. With a grandpa, grandma, mom and uncle licensed as Realtors at Delmore Realty, she could very well be showing homes to clients in her future, too.


Don’t look for a discount on Maui Real Estate prices

The cat's out of the bag. Most buyers of Maui property still think they
 can get a good discount from the listed price when they make an offer. 
Let the truth be known. If you really want that property be prepared to
offer over the listed price.

In March 2013 the medium (the price in the middle where half are under 
and half are over) list price for residential properties that sold was
$499,000.The medium sold price was $508,000. So if you really want that 
property be prepared to pay more. It's a seller's market.

For condominiums the medium list price on sold properties in March was 
$375,000. The actual sold price was also $375,000. No discounts here. 
Don't blame your agent when you make a weak offer that is no where near 
list price and get rejected. You need to be informed on what is really 
happening in the market place. Smart sellers price their property 
correctly and get multiple offers in this competitive market place. 
Call Delmore Realty, 808-242-1467, for a good marketing approach and 
honest buyer representation.

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March 2013 Maui Real Estate Statistics

The March 2013 Maui Real Estate Statistics are out. Median Sales Price of a home is now $508,000, which is up from a year ago March when the median was $435,000. There were 79 homes sold in March, about the same as a year earlier when 82 sold, and up from 66 in February (short month).

As for condos, the median Maui price is $375,000, which is up from both the prior month and March the prior year ($368,043). There were 101 units closed in March, down from 130 a year earlier.

Land transactions are up, with 25 properties sold this March, compared to 13 in February adn 22 in March a year ago.

Inventory continues to be low. Many properties are receiving multiple offers quickly. Call us at Delmore Realty at 808-242-1467 to speak to us about today’s intense real estate market. We will look out for your real estate needs.




Maui Home Inspectors

The J-1 General Inspection of Property Contingency of the standard Purchase Contract used by Hawaii Realtors is one of the most critical contingencies in the contract.

When your offer (purchase contract) is accepted by a Seller on a home (or other property, such as a condo) in Hawaii, you have the right to inspect the home’s condition within the time specified in J-1 of the contract. If you are not satisifed with the home’s condition, you have the right to cancel the contract prior to the end of the contingency period. 14 days is a common timeframe to inspect in many of the transactions for home buying in Hawaii.

According to Property Search, it is highly advisable to hire a professional property inspector to do your inspection. It will likely cost you anywhere from $200 – $600 or more, depending on the size of the property. When you work with Delmore Realty, we are happy to help you set up a home inspection appointment for your purchase.

The Realtors Association of Maui (RAM) provides a list of affiliates who provide services in the category of home inspection not only for this area but other locations too. Here one can find specialists of roof repairs in Texas, pest control Chicago, etc. Some of the affiliates are also members of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), which is a highly regarded professional organization for home inspectors. One can be an ACI (ASHI Certified Inspector), which is the highest level of ASHI membership, or an ASHI Associate, in which one is still working to achieve the ASHI designation. More information can be found at, along with ways to search within a radius of your zipcode or your city and state for an ASHI inspector. Honestly, all this works if you have enough time and you plan to make effort selling your home. However, sometimes you need to sell your home or country house fast. This is when companies like Alex Buys Vegas Houses can be of great help.

Here are some of the Maui inspectors found using the RAM affiliate list of inspectors as well as the ASHI search as of today, 4/3/13 (modified 10/10/13):

– A Sound Mind Home Inspection, Beau Petrone, tel: 808-870-0593 (RAM Affiliate and ASHI Associate)

– Alii Home Inspection, Mark Damon, tel: 808-280-6652 (ACI)

– Barkman Inspection Service, John Barkman, tel: 808-357-8305 (RAM Affiliate)

-CertiTech Inspections, Thomas Lewis, tel: 808-242-7000 (ACI)

-Craig Smith Building Inspections, Craig Smith, tel: 808-572-3009 (RAM Affiliate and ACI)

– Hawaii Inspection Group, Inc., Thomas Douma, tel: 808-879-6000 (RAM Affiliate and ACI)

– Mark Thorman Home Inspections, Mark Thorman, tel: 808-874-3456  (RAM Affiliate and ACI)

– Ray N. Orikasa Home Inspection, Ray Orikasa, tel: 808-268-2306 (RAM Affiliate)

– Renewal Properties, LLC, Douglas Heisserman, tel: 808-572-0004 (RAM Affiliate)

– Signore Building Inspection, Paul Signore, tel: 808-876-0170  (RAM Affiliate and ACI)

J-1 gives Buyer the “… right to (personally or by any expert, professional, or other representatives of Buyer’s choice): (a) inspect the Property or any portion thereof; (b) inspect all major appliances and fixtures (plumbing, electric, and gas) included in the sale; (c) inspect all public records rleating to the Property …” and the professionals listed above can assist with that.

Call us at Delmore Realty at 808-242-1467 when you need help on your purchase and let us take you through all the important parts of the purchase, including the home inspection.

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