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Geste Shrimp Truck

Driving along Kahului Beach Road, you may have passed the white Geste Shrimp Truck parked at what some are dubbing the “harbor food court” at the edge of Kahului Harbor, across from the MACC…but have you ever stopped to try the shrimp? Those who have already tried it have already been delighted. For those who have not, I highly recommend you give this shrimp truck a try! Same goes for visitors who have yet to try it.

With a mostly highly favorable rating of the Geste Shrimp Truck on Yelp,  my guess is that business must be pretty good for the Shrimp Truck. I actually only recently had my first experience sampling its plates and was really impressed. However, if posts on friend’s Facebook pages are any indication, apparently some may find the proposition of eating food being sold near the harbor to be somewhat questionable. Put those fears aside and just relax…it’s Maui!

I recently had the Hawaiian Scampi plate and my husband had the Spicy Pineapple plate. So delicious! Each plate comes with twelve juicy shrimp served in a local-style styrofoam container with rice and crab macaroni salad. The plates are currently $12. It’s well worth it.

A few negative reviewers complained that the shrimp was not so fresh…no one is saying the shrimp is locally grown. Others complained that a few of the veins were still there on a few pieces of shrimp…this is a shrimp truck…not a 5-star restaurant. Some even complained that it was too messy or hard work…but we are talking about peel and eat shrimp…that’s the nature of it! Part of the shell is already peeled so it’s not even that hard to remove the shell. It’s still a delicous, no-frills, large plate of shrimp.  If you were to go to one of the fancy restaurants around the island, it would easily cost you at least double for something similar, and it might not even taste as good, and you probably wouldn’t even get as many pieces of shrimp.

The shrimp truck is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm.  All food is for take out…there are no chairs or tables there.



Maui Film Festival 2012

Today marks the final day of the Maui Film Festival this year, held June 13-17, 2012. If you don’t have your tickets yet, you can still spend an evening outside under the stars at the Celestial Theater to watch a the films of Celestial Cinema Sunday in perhaps the most spectacular movie-watching venue in the world. The Celestial Theater is set up only for the Maui Film Festival each year on the driving range of the Wailea Gold and Emerald Golf Courses. Bring your low-back beach chair and a blanket for optimal comfort. This film festival is truly one of Maui’s best events of the year.

The 8pm film of the night at Celestial Cinema is People Like Us, starring Elizabeth Banks, who receives the night’s tribute award, followed by a couple short films with special ties to Maui and finishing up with H2indO, a movie about stand up paddling.

Castle Theater at the MACC in Kahului also has 6 films today.



May 2012 Maui Real Estate Sales Statistics

The Maui May 2012 Sales Statistics are out from the Realtors Association of Maui, showing a low median sales price of $382,250 for single family homes, the lowest May number median in at least 5 years, according to an article in The Maui News. May’s median single family sales price has dropped in each of the past 5 years as follows:

2007: $653,746, 2008: $567,000, 2009: $482,500, 2010: $442,000, 2011: $418,000.

May’s median price is also lower than the previous month, when the median was $469,000.

Year-to-date from January to May 2012, the median sales price for single family homes is $435,000, which was only 3% less than the same 5-month period in 2011.

The single family median sales price in the month of May 2012 was $340,000 in Central Maui, with 25 homes sold (year-to-date it was $362,500); $425,000 in Haiku with 5 homes sold (year-to-date $671,000); $410,000 in Kihei, with 13 homes sold (year-to-date $444,000), for a look at some of the busier districts.

For condominiums, May’s median was $336,000 on 11 units sold, which was a decline for volume and price when compared to the previous month ($399,000 on 129 units sold) and last May ($349,500 on 114 units sold). The condo median sales price in the month of May 2012 was $434,900 on 18 units sold in Kaanpaali (year-to-date $459,900); $275,000 on 42 units sold in Kihei (year-to-date $246,500); $343,000 on 20 units sold in Napili/Kahana/Honokowai (year-to-date $315,000) for a look at some of the busier districts.

Year-to-date for fee simple condominiums, the median price was $350,000, which was 1% more than the same 5-month period last year. Volume is up year-to-date by 2% in this category to 514 units sold.

In the land category, 66 units have sold year-to-date with a median price of $365,000, which was up when compared to the same year-to-date period last year.

A continued presence of short sales and bank sales are helping to keep prices low. While interest rates are also at record lows, qualification standards continue to be stringent. It’s a great market in which to buy, for those that are able to qualify. We say, definitely try to qualify and buy, if you can. A lot of cash buyers are snapping up the great deals, but for buyers needing loans who are organized and have well-documented income records that meet lender qualifications, the time is right to make a purchase.



Record Low Interest Rates

Interest rates have never been lower. 15-year fixed rates dropped for the first time ever to below 3%, to 2.97%, the lowest on record since Freddie Mac began tracking weekly data more than 40 years ago. On the 30-year fixed, rates were at 3.75% as of May 31st, according to an article on CNN Money.

The record-low interest rates combined with low prices on Maui means now is an optimal time to buy, if you qualify and have all your paperwork in order to give to your lender, who are looking for very complete and thorough files to process loans.